Our experts are at your service to find the most suitable solutions in view of your specifications and deadlines.


Picto du service d'infographie - Studio Pat

Our team creates visual identities, ranging from logotypes to developing graphic charts.

Studio Pat creates all types of communication media: packaging, catalogue, roll-up, kakemono, brochure, etc.


Picto du service de photo industrielle - Studio Pat

Our photographer showcases all your products with high-quality calibrated shots.

From advertising photography to industrial photography, Studio Pat handles everything, including post-production.


Picto du service de création de site Web - Studio Pat

Our team creates responsive websites to enhance the visibility of your brand on the web. We will suggest to you the most appropriate and effective digital communication strategy for your company.


Picto du service de traduction multilingue - Studio Pat

Studio Pat offers translation and multilingual localisation services combining the most advanced translation technologies and human intelligence. It operates seamlessly with a quantifiable quality assurance process.


Picto du service d'impression HD et offset - Studio Pat

We offer digital or offset printing for all your documents, regardless of the desired materials and quantities. Our printing service also covers large formats to be able to cater to specific or even oversized requirements!

From A to Z...

Thanks to our expertise, we can manage all the graphics-related steps of your project to save you a lot of precious time!

For new documents, this can range from communication consultation, including taking pictures, providing illustrations, layouts, translations till the final print, with quality control on machines and delivery. Maximum service with minimum stress!