We specialise in industrial and advertising photography.

Photo publicitaire d'un produit Hager - Thème sablier

The photoshoot

Our photographers takes calibrated, high-quality shots to showcase your products in the best way possible while providing top-quality images. You can count on the precision and professionalism of our extremely experienced and passionate photographers.

The photoshoot sessions of your products will take place with the technical parameters (angle, lighting, etc.) optimised.

Our photographers makes every effort to comply with the existing visual chart in terms of parameters. This precision makes it possible for them to ensure perfect consistency between an earlier shoot and a new one.


Post-production work is done on images and comprises of the several steps: colourimetry, retouching, clipping. We highlight your products to showcase them for an optimal distribution on all types of media.

Our technical resources

  • 56 million pixels CCD leaf sensor mounted on a Sinar or Hasselblad chamber
  • Reflex full frame
  • Capture One software
  • Broncolor flash lighting

Please note

The shots are taken in our 200 m2 photo studio.
We also provide on-site photography services, depending on your requirements.

We photograph a vast variety of products: electronics, industrial, luxury cars, watches, culinary, food, etc.