We study all your needs and requirements to best prepare for the creation of your website. Our team will provide advice and support throughout your project.

Business intelligence

The Web team conducts a competitive watch and analysis of sites belonging to the same domain as your brand.


We create a prototype of your website. This step helps us build its skeleton in order to organise the layout of the content and visual elements.

Content and Visual elements

We help you prepare your future website by giving you content ideas to recreate the most of your world.

The Web team will look for visual elements and process and retouch them. This process harmonise your entire site and showcase your work.


A website that is visible and well-positioned in search engines is now a pre-requisite to raise awareness about your brand and boost your brand image.

We optimise the natural referencing of your site (SEO) such that it is positioned in the first results of the search engines by selecting the most relevant keywords for your brand.

Ergonomics & Responsive Design

It is essential to have a smooth and enjoyable experience while browsing a website.

At each step of website creation, our team puts itself in the shoes of the internet user to ensure that the browsing is a hassle-free and ergonomic experience.

The Web team will make your site responsive, i.e. it will be optimised and adapted for all media like computers, tablets and smartphones.

Additional options available

The team also offers follow-up service and reports the data of the site, so as to be able to track activities and see which content works the best and which content needs to be readjusted.

The content of the site can also be updated by means of regular additions.

We also offer to create, maintain and monitor your pages on social networks. This will increase your presence on the Web and boost the reputation of your brand.

Creating or restructuring your site could also create the opportunity to process all your communication tools together (graphic charter/logo, business cards, etc.). Your visual identity will thus be enhanced in a consistent and simultaneous manner.